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Developing and Empowering the

Michigan Spirits Industry


The COVID-19 virus is impacting every aspect of our daily lives and we ask you to be responsible and practice social distancing while enjoying our member’s products. For information about how the Coronavirus is impacting the spirits industry in Michigan, please see the following links:

Shelter In Place

The order started Tuesday, March 24. Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the order in an effort to further stop the spread of the virus by closing non-essential businesses until February.

Administrative Order

This order extends the annual expiration date for 2020 from April 30, 2020 to May 31, 2020.


Executive Order

This order closed all dine-in services of all bars and restaurants. Limited indoor seating set to return.


Press Release

This press release from the MLCC covers the executive order on the closures resulting from COVID-19.

Administrative Order

This order asking ADA’s for details on their prevention measures to protect employees.


Info. & Resources

Information provided by DISCUS for distilleries producing hand sanitizer to help meet the needs of the country.


Bar Interior

The Michigan Spirits Association

Established in 1967, the Michigan Spirits Association represents the vendors, suppliers, and distributors of distilled spirit products. We partner with the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) to ensure that quality products are available to meet consumer demand across the state.

The Michigan Spirits Business

The Michigan Spirits association serves as an effective voice for its members at the state capitol. In addition to active lobbying and daily monitoring of both regulatory and legislative issues, the association diligently advocates for its members on issues such as: Promoting the responsible use of distilled spirits. Stopping additional mark-ups and tax increases on the distilled spirits industry curtailing underage drinking. Preventing the bootlegging of distilled spirits and increasing penalties for offenses. Reducing burdensome regulation on the spirits industry helping the state and our members increase revenue without raising taxes.

Fruity Cocktails

Cocktail Recipes

 Click below to view cocktail recipes featuring spirits from our members! Recipes are updated quarterly, be sure to check back for more great cocktails!

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