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Americas Beverages: Beer Insights Seminar - Key Takeaways

Source: Goldman Sachs

Americas Beverages: Beer Insights Seminar - Key Takeaways

November 15, 2022

Our View - We attended Beer Marketer's Insights' Beer Insights Seminar in NYC on 11/14 & came away cautiously optimistic on the beer industry.

While category lines continue to blur, and the industry continues to transform towards the high-end/premiumization and beyond beer, it seems that beer is back and traditional beer has an opportunity to grow and win back share.

Therefore, we continue to believe it's those brewers that adapt quickly & move fast that will ultimately be successful and take share in a category that is evolving rapidly.

We also had an opportunity to meet with Jim Sabia (STZ's President of Beer) at the conference and came away with increased conviction that STZ is very strongly positioned to continue to outperform as it remains focused, consistent and disciplined.


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