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MLCC's Teri Quimby appointed to NCSLA Executive Committee


MLCC's Teri Quimby appointed to NCSLA Executive Committee

The National Conference of State Liquor Administrators, Incorporated (NCSLA) is pleased to announce its Executive Committee for fiscal year July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017. The officers and regional chairpersons elected at the NCSLA annual business meeting in Chicago, Illinois on June 28, 2016 are:

President – Matthew D. Botting of California

1st Vice President – A. Keith Burt of Oklahoma

2nd Vice President – Jeffrey A. Kelly of Maryland

3rd Vice President – Holly E. Phillips of Minnesota

Immediate Past President – Jerry W. Waters, Sr. of Pennsylvania

Western Region – Anna Hirai of Hawaii (City and County of Honolulu), Chair; Pearlette Ramos of Arizona, Vice Chair

Central Region – Teri Quimby of Michigan, Chair; Stephanie Strauss of Iowa, Vice Chair

Northern Region – Robert A. Wiest, Jr. of Delaware, Chair; Travis Hill of Virginia, Vice Chair

Southern Region – Sherry Cook of Texas, Chair; Thomas Philpot of Florida, Vice Chair.

The two associate member representatives are Robert “R.J.” O’Hara with Flaherty and O’Hara, P.C. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Kristen Techel with Beverage Law Group LLP in San Francisco, California.

Matthew D. Botting was appointed to the position of ABC General Counsel in August, 2008. Mr. Botting has over 20 years of state government legal experience. He was ABC’s Chief Legal Counsel from 2000-2004 before he left for a short time to work in private practice. Mr. Botting returned to ABC in 2005 where he served as a Staff Counsel III until his appointment to General Counsel. Mr. Botting currently serves on the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators (NCSLA) Executive Committee as President, and has served as first, second and third Vice President, and several terms as Western Region Chair. Prior to joining ABC in 2000, Mr. Botting was a Deputy Attorney General with the California Department of Justice. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) degrees from Otago University in New Zealand before relocating to the United States.

About National Conference of State Liquor Administrators, Incorporated:

NCSLA is a national organization of state alcohol beverage regulators, founded June 19, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois, organized exclusively for charitable and education purposes, including the following such purposes: present, compare and discuss effective and equitable types of state alcoholic beverage control laws; to devise and evaluate the use of methods which provide the best enforcement of the particular alcoholic beverage control laws in each state; to identify and encourage uniform laws insofar as they may be practicable; to promote harmony with the federal government in its administration of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act; and to strive for harmony in the administration of the alcoholic beverage control laws among the several states.

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