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Gov. Whitmer Signs Bills to Strengthen Michigan Small Businesses and Licensees, Vetoes SB 294


Today, Governor Whitmer signed a bill package containing Senate Bill 588 and House Bills 4620 and 4621 which amend the Michigan Liquor Control Code, as well as House Bill 4335 into law. The governor also vetoed Senate Bill 294 to ensure Michiganders are protected from shoddy construction.

“Today I have signed legislation into law that works on behalf of Michigan small businesses,” said Whitmer. “These businesses will now be able to expand their reach across the state, introducing more people to their product and growing Michigan’s economy.”

Senate Bill 588 amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code to allow refunds for spirits sold by a specially designated distributor. The bill was sponsored by Senator Jeremy Moss, D – Southfield.

House Bill 4620 allows for the issuance of special licenses to conduct liquor and spirit tastings off-site up to six times per year. The bill was sponsored by Representative Brandt Iden, R – Schoolcraft Township.

House Bill 4621 amends the Michigan Liquor control commission to allow a vendor of spirits to provide a special licensee with certain brand logoed material and equipment. The bill was sponsored by Representative Jack O’Malley, R – Manistee.

House Bill 4335 revises education and training requirements for cosmetology and barber licensing to allow students to substitute not more than 1,000 hours of instruction to obtain a license in the other profession. Furthermore, the bill now allows both barber and cosmetology schools to occupy the same building and facilities. The bill was sponsored by Representative Jeff Yaroch, R – Clinton Township.

Senate Bill 294 would amend the Single State Construction Code act to prevent high school football stadium press boxes from being required to install heating units. This bill was sponsored by Senator Dale Zorn, R – Monroe.

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